No Makeup Week

Ah, summer is almost here. Although I have been wanting summer to come quickly for a while now, it also means that I have an abundance of work to complete before I can enjoy the break.

As much as I enjoy makeup, I need to prioritize this week and will be taking the week off from applying makeup. However, this can be looked at as a good thing. A lot of articles have been written along with numerous videos that discuss how beneficial it can be to take some time off from applying makeup.

Giving your face a break from makeup can be a good thing, though, according to many beauty activists.

Not applying makeup allows your skin to breathe and to unclog pores, which is healthy and cause you appear brighter and more refreshed.

I will be starting to wear lighter makeup anyway now that summer is on its way. Since it is warm outside, it is better to not sweat with makeup on as it can cause the makeup to settle into your face causing clogged up pores, leading to breakouts.

Some of the products that I will be switching around during the summer will be using a BB cream instead of foundation and I will not be using as thick of a primer. In addition, I will not be using setting spray.



Makeup in Milwaukee

Many people do not realize that I spent one semester studying at Concordia University Wisconsin. However, many people do realize that my favorite band is Mayday Parade.

I have been wanting to go back and visit Concordia for a while now, especially to see my friend, Sarah, and eat at the Highland House. If you go, I recommend the lobster and shrimp enchiladas.

At first, I was sad that I did not see St. Louis included on Mayday Parade’s tour schedule. However, I brightened up a bit when I saw that Milwaukee was on the list.

I asked my mom if she was up for a road trip, bought tickets and this past weekend it finally happened!

Not only was I was excited to visit Sarah, eat at the Highland House and see my favorite band, I was also trying to figure out what makeup to take. Of course, I ended up taking my entire collection.

Me and Sarah.png

Me and Sarah on my visit!

For the concert, I ended up using Smashbox primer and the Maybelline Fit Me foundation as my base. As per usual, I primed my eyelids using the Too Faced Glitter Glue eye primer. For eyeshadow, I used the Colourpop single shadows in the shades Rex and Birthday Girl. I am sure no one will be surprised when I say that I used my Stila liquid eyeliner along with Myabelline Falsies mascara for finishing touches on my eyes. I highlighted with the Wet n Wild make up stick and finished my lips with Colourpop’s Brink.

Visiting Concordia was an early morning after the concert, so I did not have time to apply makeup.

Overall, the trip was fantastic. If you want to check out the menu for the Highland House, click here!

How I Became Interested in Makeup

I have to give my cousin, Natalie, the credit for introducing me to makeup and the beauty community. About two summers ago, her and I were shopping and she stopped into Sephora to pick up some new foundation. Admittedly, I had never been in the store prior to that day.

None of my friends in high school wore makeup and so I never really knew much about it or had the interest. However, as soon as I stepped into Sephora I was immediately intrigued my all of the makeup.

Me and Natalie.png

Me and Natalie

I did not buy anything that first day, but I went home, did my research and made a trip to the Sephora the next week to begin my collection. Of course, I had to learn how to apply all of it first, which was a bit of a struggle.

Thankfully, I had my mom, Natalie and plenty of tutorials on YouTube to help me out. I soon realized that not only was makeup fun to shop for and apply, but there is a whole community online where people make videos and talk about makeup on a daily basis. I could not believe that I had not known about it sooner!

My hobby for makeup got taken to a new level when I met my best friend, Miranda, at college. Miranda had the same love for makeup I did, so having a friend with the same hobby made it a lot of fun.

If you have never been to a Sephora store, go check out their website and see what they have to offer!

Shop my Stash Birthday Edition

Well, it’s finally here. I turn 21 years old this week!

Of course, this been a long awaited day for me. Since my birthday is in the spring, a lot of my friends have already had their birthday already, leaving me the last to have their special day.

“Shopping my stash” and deciding what products I would use this week was a lot of fun. Not only could I pick out what makeup to wear for my birthday, but I got to choose my makeup for Easter as well.


The products that I used this week!

Since I will be attending church on Easter I did not want any makeup products that would look too flashy. So, for certain products I will be choosing a few of each product to satisfy both of my events this week.

For priming my face, I will be using the Milk Makeup Blur Stick underneath my new Wet n Wild Photofinish foundation. As always, I will be priming my eyelids with my Too Faced Glitter Glue eye primer. For eyeshadow, I will be using my Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly eye shadow palette for my birthday along with my Naked 3 palette for Easter. I will also be using my “holy grail” Stila liquid eyeliner and the Maybelline Falsies mascara for my eyes. For highlighting, I will be using the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Nicole Guierro Glow Kit. I will be using my Too Faced creme lipstick in the Shade Pink Chocolate for birthday and the Urban Decay lipstick in the Shade Big Bang for Easter. I will not be using blush this week as it can sometimes make my face appear too dark.

I cannot wait to use these products this week, especially the Wet n Wild Photofinish foundation. This is still a fairly new product that has been raved about by many beauty bloggers, so I cannot wait to try it out for myself. If you want to check it on Wet n’ Wild’s website, click here!


Honey vs. Jelly

Too Faced has released a sister palette to beloved Peanut Butter and Jelly palette, Peanut Butter and Honey. Like many other fans of the existing palette, I could not wait for arrival of this new item.

In traditional Too Faced style, the new palette has a very sweet scent. It is a nine pan palette, featuring three large pans and six smaller pans.

Since the Peanut Butter and Honey palette received so much success, many people assumed that this release would be the same way. I wear the Peanut Butter and Jelly palette at least once a week and I could not wait to have new product similar to it.

Sadly, I never even purchased the palette. Many beauty bloggers had nothing but negative comments about the palette. Unlike its predecessor, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Peanut Butter and Honey is not the same quality.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette

My Peanut Butter and Jelly eye shadow palette!

As many of you know, Olivia Sohlen is my favorite beauty blogger. I tend to have similar opinions and thoughts about products as she does, she I trust her reviews. Olivia said that the shadows were lacking both pigmentation and the ability to blend, two key characteristics of a good eye shadow. She disliked the palette so much that she ended up sending it back to Sephora.

Luckily, I heard enough negative reviews before I made an investment in the palette. I guess Too Faced should have stopped while they were ahead with the Peanut Butter and Jelly palette.

If you want to check out Olivia’s review of the Peanut Butter and Honey palette, click here!

MAC is Coming to Ulta!

Well, you heard it here first, MAC Cosmetics is coming to Ulta Beauty! Just kidding, I know I am not the first person to write about Mac coming to Ulta, but I do know that it is a topic worth writing about.

Traditionally, MAC Cosmetics is only their stores, online or in department stores such as Macy’s or Nordstrom. The brand has always been a bit exclusive, never selling in outside retailers such as Sephora or Ulta.

Makeup Collection

My current makeup collection, which is missing a MAC product!

At first, this does not seem like it would be that big of a deal. That is, until people are busy and would like to do a one stop makeup haul. Or, when would like to use rewards points from other purchases towards MAC products.

Ulta’s reward program is even more appealing then Sephora’s in my opinion. While Sephora gives points for each dollar spent and rewards you will prizes at each milestone, Ulta gives points then allows you redeem on any product of your choosing. Now, shoppers have the luxury of getting rewarded for MAC purchases along with chooses them as redemption items.

My makeup collection is sadly lacking a MAC product of any kind,  I will be using this opportunity to try one out!

There is no official date for MAC to appearing on Ulta’s shelves or website yet, all we know is it will in the spring.

If you want to check out MAC’s website to see what some of their products are, click here. I know I’ll be making a visit!

The Best of YouTube

Me and Mom!

People come up to me all the time and ask how I learned how to apply a certain eye shadow look, or how I was able to get my foundation to full coverage without looking caked on. That is, on the rare occasion that I actually decide to do a full face of makeup.

However, I am certainly not a makeup artist, and do not try to act like one. For starters, I take a very long time to apply my makeup, which is one reason why you will never see me in makeup on days when I have an early class. Second, I spend an abundance of my free time watching beauty vloggers on YouTube who not only tell me about the latest products in the industry, but also about teach me how to use them.

I have previously mentioned my favorite “beauty guru” on YouTube, Olivia Sohlen. Olivia, or livloveshermakeup, was the first beauty vloggger that I have ever watched on YouTube. She provides detailed reviews on a lot of products that I am interested in and also Sephora and Ulta “hauls”.

Along with Olivia, I also follow KathleenLights, Tati, Jeffree Star, Eshani Patel and Manny MUA. In my opinion, all of these bloggers have been very successful on YouTube and for a good reason. Similar to Olivia, they have and upbeat personalities, while delivering tutorials for makeup looks and reviews.

Each time I get a compliment on my makeup, I will send someone over to one these vloggers channel! If you want to check them out for yourself, click on the above links!

Shop My Stash!

One of my favorite beauty bloggers that I have mentioned before, Olivia Sohlen, does something called “Shop my Stash” every week. She also does something called “Shop and Swatch My Stash” which includes her watching all of her all of her products in her “stash” for the week.

However, since I am just a typical blogger, not a vlogger, we will just be shopping my stash. Since Spring Break is next week, I thought that I would share all of the products that I will using this upcoming week and taking on my trip to Mexico.

Since it is Spring Break in Mexic0, I will probably be having some relaxing days. This means that I will be using a lot of natural looking makeup.

Starting with eyes, I will be taking my Too Faced Glitter Glue eye shadow primer. This is my favorite eye primer and I definitely consider it a “holy grail”. I will also be taking my Urban Decay Naked 3 eye shadow palette, the colors are very bright and  geared towards Spring. I also have used this palette as lot so I am very comfortable creating some nice looks with this palette. I will also be taking my Stila liquid eyeliner along with my Wet n Wild pencil eyeliner.

For my face, I will be taking my Maybelline Dream Cushion foundation. This is a new product to my collection, but I have really enjoyed using it so far. It is in a plastic compact, and it is not a liquid formulation, so it is very travel friendly and the coverage is pretty decent.

For my lips, I will be taking my Urban Decay Blackmail Vice lipstick palette. I chose to take this lip palette because it has  12 different shades in one palette so it is very travel friendly. The colors will also go very well with the Naked 3 palette for a very clean and simple look.

One product that I would like to add to my makeup collection is a bronzer, especially since I will be going to Mexico and I am very pale. The bronzer that I am thinking about getting is the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. This product is thought of as a “holy grail” for many people. I will be sure to go buy this product at my local drugstore before my trip! If you want to check out the beloved Butter Bronzer, check it out here!

Spring Eye Shadow Palette Choices

Well, it is almost time for spring. Although I may not be ready for the cold weather to be over yet (The cold never bothered me anyway! Sorry, “Frozen” rant over), I am very ready for spring colored eye shadow palettes!

Kat Von D was the first to launch a spring toned release with her Pastel Goth eye shadow palette featuring eight shades. Lorac was not far behind with their I Love Brunch palette, featuring 16 shades, also very spring toned. The last palette I will be discussing is the Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette, which features 12 peachy toned eye shadows.

All of these palettes retail for high-end make up prices. The Kat Von D palette sells for $38, the Lorac palette for $44 and the Kylie Cosmetics palette for $45.

Being the make up fanatic that I am, I feel that it is necessary for me to add one of these new palettes to my collection for spring. I have also never tried any of these makeup brands, which also makes it a very hard decision to make.

I have heard stellar reviews on Kat Von D products, so a part of me wants to try the Pastel Goth Palette, solely for that purpose. Another part of me realizes that I get a substantially smaller amount of product for a very similar price to the larger palettes.

Lorac is a brand that has been around for a very long time, and I am certain that my mom has some of their products and really likes them. I like seeing a brand such as Lorac branch out and start to make some more fun products such as the I Love Brunch palette. The colors are really pastel and they look fun to try.

Lastly, the Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach palette sold out so quickly the first time that they have already had to do a restock. The colors in the Royal Peach palette are quite different from the above palettes, considering they range anywhere from nude tones to a royal blue.

Overall, I think it is between the Lorac and Kylie Cosmetics palettes. Even though I still want to try a Kat Von D product at some point, I think I will have to wait until there is a better “bang for my buck”.

I will keep everyone posted as to which palette I decide to add to my collection for Spring! If you want to see the Pastel Goth palette, I Love Brunch palette or the Royal Peach palette for yourselves, be sure to follow the links!

Colourpop Strikes Again

Well, I could not let Valentines Day come and go without at least one new cosmetic purchase. So, I decided to try some products from the Valentine’s Day collection from one of my favorite makeup brands, Colourpop. (Part of this decision was made because Colourpop, along with Kylie Cosmetics, were essentially the only two cosmetic companies to come out with Valentines collections. Unfortunately, we have already discussed my tragedy with Kylie Cosmetics Valentines collection selling out before I was able to purchase it.) But that’s okay, considering that Kylie’s products are just repacked Colourpop for a higher price, right? Oh, I’m sorry, I won’t add any more fuel to that fire.

Colourpop’s Valentines Day Collection featured several new Lippie Stix, pressed powder eye shadow duos, super shock shadows, a highlighter, and liquid lipsticks. Eye shadow  brushes were also brought back for a limited time.

I decided to purchase the mini liquid lip set for $18. The set came with five lip colors in satin, matte and glossy finishes. I also purchased the shading and blending eye shadow brushes for $6 each.

As per usual, my order arrived very punctual and in good condition. This was my first time trying any of Colourpop’s liquid lip products, and I am very impressed, especially with the glossy finish. The brushes were designed specifically for their super shock eye shadows, because they are typically difficult to apply unless you use your finger. These brushes were beyond exceptional. The minute that I applied the brush to my lid, I knew that they were going to be the perfect tool for their super shock shadows. The brushes work for regular pressed powder shadows as well.

I really like my liquid lip set, but I highly recommend picking up the brushes before they are gone!  You can buy them on the Colourpop website by clicking here!